UV Lamps for Cure Sensitive UV products

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UV Lamps for Cure Sensitive UV products

UV medium-pressure lamps emitter an spectrum in the ultraviolet and visible range (200 nm to 600 nm)
They are suitable for UV curing, UV disinfection, and photochemical processes.
The UV lamps can be supplied in different dopped version like Gallium, Iron and special version in according to the customer requirment. Each application requires a UV source solution, specific for your operating conditions: radiation spectrum, UV output, light tube temperature, lamp length and geometry. The ideal UV lamp must be designed for your UV curing systems guarantees the best performance of your operations.
Good UV lamps must be manufactured with high quartz quality tubes or quartz plate can be supplied in Ozon Free version.
The arch lamp can be from 10mm to 2600mm and power up to 260W/cm
We supplied UV lamps which can be guarranty for 1500 hour or 1000 hour it depend of the type of lamp.
The life of the UV lamps it depend of the amount “output” of UV energy
Most important is to use the Radiometer Instrument for measure the UV energy of the UV lamps and the UV system.

We can supply UV lamps for all UV systems like: Abbess • American Ultra Violet • Amjo • Aquatron • Arradiant • Argon • Argus • Barberan • Brewer • C Sun • Cefla • Chambon • Colight • Colordry • Comco • Dubuit • Eltosch • Gallus • Giardina • Hackemack • Hanovia • Idealquartz • IST • Iwasaki • Japanese Storage Battery • Kammann • Ko-Pack • Mark Andy • Natgraph • Nilpeter • ORC • Primarc • Walter Reynolds • SPS • SPE • Sanki • Schneider • Siasprint • Singulus • Spectral • Starna • Svecia • Steinemann • Superfici • Technigraf • Theimer • Thieme • UV Technology • VTI • Wallace Knight… and others

 Electronic Power Supply is the best way to drive Your UV lamps in Your UV System


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